Bidding of Ulcinj’s salt factory at the price of € 219 million

solana-ulcinj.jpgBoard of trustees of Ulcinj’s Salt Factory “Bajo Sekulic”, announced today a new  bidding for the sale of company assets at a starting price of € 219 million.

Public bidding is scheduled for 15th of March, while the initial cost of six million euros is less than at the previous auction, in which there were no interested buyers.

To prospective buyers is offered immovable property made up of land, facilities for the usable water in the building industry and mining, commercial buildings in the economy, the electric power and natural gas pipeline facilities, as well as channels. In addition, for sale is technology and office equipment, industrial machinery and transport equipment.

Right to participate in public tender have domestic and foreign companies and individuals who have paid a deposit of one percent of the initial cost. Their proposals must contain a minimum starting bid and proof of payment of the deposit.

The decision on the selection of the winning bidder shall issue a trustee in bankruptcy, and assets will be sold to the one who offers the highest purchase price. From the bankruptcy administration was discussed that the chosen buyer loses the right to a refund of deposit, if he does’t sign a sale contract whithin eight days.

The buyer is obligated to at least eight days of the conclusion of the sales contract to make a payment, less the amount of the deposit.

Total asset price for Salt Factory at the first public auction totaled 257.8 million euros, but there were no interested buyers for that price.

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