Budva’s riviera took over Hotel Lipka

First Bank of Montenegro and the hotel group “Budva’s Riviera” have today signed a lease agreement to which this hotel group took Kolasin’s “Hotel Lipka”.

Assistant Executive Director of “Budva’s Riviera”, Katarina Kažanegra, said that the inclusion of “Hotel Lipka” in the operating system “Budva’s Riviera”, this group just proves that in this way continually invests in its tourism product to a wider range of their offerings that connects coastal and the northern part of Montenegro and it’s one of socially responsible companies.

Kažanegra announced that the hotel Lipka from December 1 to be fully operational and that prices will be real, as is the practice in other establishments of “Budva’s Riviera”.


“From the 1st of December at a price of 35 euros will be working on a half board basis with all the amenities that this hotel has. These are promotional prices. During January, the price will be around 50 euros, and from February through to May, visitors and tourists will have the opportunity to stay at the hotel is also at a price of 35 euros, said Kažanegra.

We are always open to new employees, especially if they have the qualifications. This will be the case in Kolasin, especially for locals and those who do not need accommodations, or who are around Kolasin, “said Assistant Executive Director of “Budva’s Riviera”.


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