Cable Lift From Kotor To Cetinje

It’s again announced a tender for construction of 15 kilometers cable lift from Kotor to Cetinje as Mayor of Cetinje announced .

The tender, which was announced by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, to select a consultant in the construction project for the cable lift from Kotor to Cetinje submitted nine bids.

It is expected that the job starts in the first quarter of  year 2013 , and the deadline for completion is six months.

Construction of the cable lift will greatly aid the development of tourism in southwest Montenegro, particularly this attractive investment will help Kotor development of tourism where large cruisers several times a month entering the bay of Kotor bringing a large number of tourists who until now could only be seen city of Kotor. With the cable lift will be able to in an attractive way for only 40 minutes, from 0 – 1521 meters altitude visit once Montenegrin capital of Cetinje, and today the town where the percentage of employment is at very low level .

Beautiful ancient city of Cetinje will again become a tourist destination and will as much improve life of
its citizen .
There are some cheap and good restaurants in Cetinje which I will write about on this blog soon .



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