Ulcinj Beaches

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The Montenegrin coast with clear and clean sea offers a variety of beaches, but “Ulcinj Beaches” are the ones of the most popular in all Montenegro that has numerous , bays and reefs hides: stone, gravel and sandy beaches.

While there is a unique 14 kilometers “Ucinj’s long beach” , you are able to choose, between the sandy and rocky beaches..

Rocky beaches have their own charms, such as jumping from rock cliffs in the water, swimming in deep crystal clear water, diving and observing the underwater world where you can always enjoy watching the different species of fish, shellfish and algae.

Pine forest in the background that are typical for this part of the Mediterranean will give you lots of shade. All beaches are further equipped with various offers, slides for children cafes and restaurants along the beach, water scooter rentals.

There are numerous beaches in Montenegro, and its numerous islands and hidden coves still hide undiscovered beaches, away from civilization and tourist crowds.

Anyone can find a beach to their own taste, but we will help you and introduce some of the most famous Ulcinj beaches in different categories.