Gerard Depardieu visited Montenegro

Gerard Depardieu visited Montenegro after taking Russian passport .

French actor Gerard Depardieu said that the main reason for his visit to Montenegro, having heard that Montenegro is on sale, but convinced, he said, that’s not true.

“True, but a long time is the story of Montenegro as Monte Carlo for the Russians, and I have not seen that this is the case. I Saw a beautiful country, with great potential in terms of culture,” said Depardieu after a meeting with Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

I have seen incredible vineyards, I saw that even the sheep are grazing in vineyards, which is very interesting and important for premises of Bio dynamics  When sheep graze grass in vineyards, it is much better wine, but to put a chemical product that removes grass – said Depardieu.

He said he had tried several Montenegrin wines, and especially like the white wine Krstac and red wine Vranac .

He visited by helicopter Cetinje, Budva and Podgorica where he met with Milo Djukanovic .

Gerard Depardieu, will be the ambassador of Montenegrin culture announced Prime Minister Djukanovic, he explained that he would like to make a film in Montenegro and presented to the world, but pointed out that the film is “a world of thieves, and that we should defend our culture “.

Depardieu describes himself as a citizen of Europe and France, but his dream was to be a citizen of the world and would like to meet and understand all cultures. However, he stated that is not engaged in collecting passports.

“I am citizen of France, but I have the privilege to get a Russian passport ., If I get Montenegrin passport I’ll still keep the French,” he stressed, adding that he would like to bring filmmakers to Montenegro. He pointed out that he’s lucky to have friends who can give him the document.

He said that is enchanted by natural beauty, cultural heritage and rich history of Montenegro, where he saw “softness and beauty,” which is why, according to him, ready to make movies here.

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that Depardieu will be an ambassador of Montenegrin culture contributing to the further promotion of Montenegro in the international arena.


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