Liman Beach, Best Beach for Swimming and Snorkeling

Liman Beach, is located just behind the old town in the Liman neighborhood. The sea in the Liman Beach is crystal clear, and it’s nice for swimming and diving, one of the easiest and most beautiful spot for snorkeling and fishing, the depth of the sea is from 2 to 6 meters.


Swimming is ideal because the sea is crystal clear and you can also snorkel around two small islets, the underwater sites is full of underwater karst caves and holes which are favorite places for fish to hide during the day.
If you went fishing with a harpoon you will need an underwater lamp, because the underwater caves and holes are dark and without a underwater flashlight you can not spot a fish.


Liman Beach,

is calm and not crowded because it hides in the bay behind the old town, scooters, which are often very annoying for those who want to taste a real peace on the beach, very rarely enter the bay as the bay is protected with two small islets about 200 meters from the beach, which can be easily swim and a view of the town from the back side is truly magical, and relaxing.

The bay is fairly protected from the inevitable afternoon mistral wind, so you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming and diving all day until the late hours of the afternoon and end up satisfied end of the day at the Liman Bach.

How to get to the Liman Beach?

The simplest is to sit in the car and then you have to go through the city center to get to the background of the Old Town, do not go to the small beach because the streets are one-way, and then you have to make a second circle around the city to return to the desired place.

As soon as you pass the wide panel on the way to a small beach, there is a path that leads to the right, turn right and drive for about 500 meters, you will reach the church, turn left at the background of the old town and you’ll arrive in Liman. There is parking place under the old town that you can park your car and walk on foot to the “Liman Beach”.


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