Lustica golf course received building permit


Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism issued to the company Lustica development building permit for the construction of golf course in the tourist city Lustica Bay , next to Tivat.

This is the second building permit for a golf course in Montenegro that followed as regulated property relations over the land on which to build a golf course .

Lustica golf course will be built on an area of ​​86 hectares and will have 18 holes .


This golf course belongs to the category field for the tournaments in golf . As part of the golf course is planned and golf club . Design is entrusted to Gary Player, Design Company from United States , which has so far built over 325 golf courses in 35 countries around the world .

The company was founded in 1983 by Geri Player, one of the best golf players of all time , and is known for its approach that respects the principle of maximum environmental protection and conservation of the natural environment .

lushtica bay

About Lustica Bay

The company Lustica development so far invested over 35 million euros in the project Lustica Bay .
Of these, 18 million were invested in the construction of the first ten residential buildings with 72 apartments in which they finished in rough construction works, and the first of two marinas in the Bay Traste whose construction is at an early stage.

The first phase of the project involves the construction of a marina which will take two to three years, and the complex will include more than 200 residential units ( apartments , houses and villas ) , a boutique hotel , part of the promenade with restaurants and bars , a golf course and golf club . When it is fully completed , the complex Lustica Bey will cover 690 hectares .



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