Montenegro fastest growing tourist destination in the world.

Montenegro will, according to new research by the World Council for the travel and tourism, in the next ten years will be a leading country in tourism growth and contribution to this branch of the gross domestic product (GDP), while the growing number of tourists in second place, behind Brazil.

Montenegro is the fastest growing destinations in the world and growth investment, announced at a press conference held at the Council Summit in Las Vegas, which was attended by the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro Predrag Sekulic and his associates, as well as representatives of the National Tourism Organisation .
Research has shown that the share of travel and tourism in GDP during 2010.year, including indirect effects, was 15.7 percent.
Forecasted to further increase that percentage to 17.2 percent this year and as many as 36.3 per cent up to 2021. This means that the share of this sector in GDP is growing annually at a rate of 12.4 percent.

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