Montenegro is one of the world’s fastest growing yachting destinations

Its been 3 years that Porto Montenegro has opened a marina for super yachts and achieved very good results in the short period of time. Peter Munk seems all well designed as he taught the Montenegrin government to concentrate and go for this sort of tourism, which the government has accepted.
It went into the development of Yachting tourism allowing Peter Munk to buy obsolete marina and establish it in the parking lot for a super luxury yachts .

Porto Montenegro  Porto Montenegro  Porto Montenegro

Montenegro has made significant legal and infrastructure improvements over the last few years including upgrades to its transportation network (airport and highway modernization), utilities and a revised law on yachts, which makes Montenegro an ideal location to berth a private or charter vessel.
Some local authorities and the majority of people do not understand that Yachting tourism is a good vision for the future development and construction of new marinas for which there is sufficient space .

More of this story you can read on Seven star Yacht Transport will expand its service with regular sailings to Porto Montenegro .

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