Montenegro Schwarze Berge

montenegro canyonMontenegro Schwarze Berge – German magazine devoted to motorcycling and adventurer journeys Motorrad Abenteuer , in its issue of March and April published an impressive article on Montenegro , entitled “Schwarze Berge” (Black Mountains) .

The author of the article is Zobec Ralf, who visited Montenegro on his motorcycle and there, as he wrote, he found “the unique nature and mountain trails.”

Article is rich descriptions of the natural beauty of Montenegro, from the snow-covered peaks of mountains, to the rivers and lakes. The author describes his his journey through Montenegro, which was started in Zabljak, and continued through the canyons of Tara, Piva and Sušice.

Trails suitable for driving motorcycle are described in details, as well as attractive locations that can be seen along the way. With numerous photographs and useful information, a recommendation to potential tourists from this target group.

In Germany, where Montenegro has been recognized exclusively as a seaside destination with a range of “sun, sea and sand,” there has been an increasing interest in the specific segment offers that attract target groups as well as those who enjoy exploring, outdoor activities and adventure tour. For Motorcyclists from around the world who wants unique nature , beautiful landscapes, somewhat differently , a way from Plužine to Zabljak represents a unique attraction .


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