Qatari Diar is starting project of 350 mill. on the Blue Horizon

Qatari Diar is starting project of 350 mil. on the Blue Horizon in Tivat, preparatory work for the construction of a luxury tourist complex are ongoing, in the future is expected acceleration of planned activities, said CEO of Qatari Diar in Montenero Greg Bankhurst.

He held talks with finance Minister Radoje Žugić, who said that the issues concerning property rights to the fullest extent resolved and that they removed barriers for start of the project.
As announced by the Ministry of Finance, Žugić said that the remaining open issues can not and will not jeopardize the certainty of success of the investment.

Bankhurst especially thanked the team of the Minister of Finance for recognizing the importance of this capital project, as well as the timeliness and efforts that enabled the smooth continuation of cooperation in this area.

Qatari Diar plans to build a tourist complex worth 350 million euros. It is envisaged the construction of hotels and basic hotel buildings with 168 units and 78 in the annexes, as well as the construction of additional facilities, sports and tennis courts, spa center and a beach bar.

Tivat is the first municipality in Montenegro, which defined the spatial plan and thanks to that created the conditions for an intense and serious development of quality tourism .


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