Rumija Hiking

Rumija HikingHikers that are interested for  “Rumija Hiking” should be aware of possible pitfalls

Hiking is increasingly popular form of entertainment and recreation of foreign tourists who come to vacation in Bar and Ulcinj municipalities .

With the increase in the number of hikers in “Rumija Massif” is rising and it’s likely to come to the accident , as recently , when two tourists from Kazakhstan and Ukraine, spent the night near Gurza , and were caught in the mountain by night , and rescuers were not able to find them says Ilija President of the Mountaineering Club ” Rumija ” and one of the prominent Montenegrin mountain enthusiasts and activists .

Rescue workers who were searching for these tourists did not have even an approximate location of where they are located . They called me, Ilija says at two o’clock after midnight , but they were so frightened and disoriented , despite the best will, I was not able to help . If they could give approximate location, we would immediately contacted Marko who maintains a summer estate in Lukic ŠESTAN and is from Gurza a half-hour walk .

He suggests to connect people who know the mountain and help in such situations – hikers , hunters, foresters , gamekeepers , police and firefighters , and to identify the people who live permanently in the mountain villages , “and who are willing to help .”

Thanks to his enthusiasm and other hikers of” Rumija ” few years ago Bar municipality was included in the project of marking hiking trails of coastal trunk road , as part of the great European trekking routes connecting Scandinavia with Olympus.

In collaboration with IRD and Mountain Association of Montenegro , ” Rumija ” was marked 35-40 kilometers of trails from Paštrovacka gora up to Lunja .

Then were made and brochures , but the vegetation , eventually covered the markings that should be ” refreshed ” .

There are people who live in Pincic , Livari and Lukic, that we can call upon . But on the other hand , in Sozina , there is no one to live there and who loses, will have to wait for help , although the center Sozina is two – three hours ‘ walk from any roads . We should know that in this area many wells are not covered, nor are marked , and in them, who don’t know where they are , can easily fall .

We need good maps of local paths and roads , because they are very attractive , and it really is a great interest of foreigners to them. Now it’s trendy active holiday , not only hiking, but also cycling. Tourists go so far on their own , they do not have adequate information or where or how , carried away by adrenalin they go trekking improperly fitted , without food, water and instructions . For example, the input to the transversal “Sozina’ of “Gluhi Dol” is very steep, partially passable even for the locals , but attracts tourists adventurers .

Never go alone to the mountain .
Regardless of experience , warns Ilija , man should not go hiking alone .

When I started the hike , I always had beside me an experienced villager who knew how to show all routes . Because of the terrain , vegetation and bad trail maintenance , it is very risky to alone go into the mountains and beside the markings . In addition , do not wait for the night in the mountains , even experienced hunters can lose  , and if there is fog, finding the missing is almost impossible mission .



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