Ryanair announced its first winter line from London to Podgorica

"ryanair-flights-from-podgorica.jpg"Ryanair  announced its first winter line London to Podgorica , which will be held from 26 October twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

As announced by the company, in honor of the opening of the first winter lines in Montenegro, for travel in May and June were provided 100 tickets priced at 19.99 euros for bookings until Monday, April 28, at noon in the whole of Europe .

The cooperation started with the airline Ryanair  in 2013th, opening the flight  Brussels to Podgorica, continued in 2014th Ryanair in the the 2013th realized flights on the route Brussels – Podgorica , during a little more than four months of flying recorded occupancy of 82,2 % , respectively , turnover of 11,500 passengers . Also, the airport in Podgorica , according to key performance indicators,was named the most successful in the airport network for Ryanair in October 2013th year .

From April 1, 2014th, also started for the first time and the realization of flights from London to Podgorica twice a week throughout the IATA summer season .

Source: www.mrt.gov.me

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