Sas Lake – Sasko Jezero


Sas Lake (Sasko Jezero) is a miniature of the Skadar Lake .

All you can see on Skadar lake , can be seen in this . Sas Lake is still unknown and under- promoted location that is why its nature is very well preserved.

Sas Lake is located in Ulcinj area , it’s surface is up to five and a half square kilometers and a depth of up to nine meters.

From the walls of ancient city of Svac one can clearly see the lake, over which are the Ducks, grebes, cormorants, herons, goby, gulls and other birds. Sas Lake, Ulcinj’s Salina and Ada Bojana are main resort of migratory birds that from the northern regions of Europe and Asia are flying to Italy and Africa.

Tranquility of Shas lake and shallow water of Ulcinj’s salina and Ada Bojana , provide migratory bird species peace until they rest and then taking off for warmer climes. Sas Lake was hunting ground, and because of the disturbance in the winter you could not see a large number of birds. Tired birds are, unfortunately, an easy target to hunters, but in recent times, there are not many on the lake  ..

shas- lake.jpg

No more hunters on the Sas Lake .

Sas Lake  becomes a haven for birds , bird lovers and for its citizens. I spoke with the owner of Shasi Hotel, with only 4 apartments and restaurants made ​​of stone in a very pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquility, it is a short distance from lost city Svac, and asked him if hunters come from Italy for hunting. He said, Italian hunters came and hunted by 20-30 ducks per day. Fortunately they’re gone says, no more hunters, lake should be dedicated to tourists who like nature and come to hunt birds with cameras.


Sas Lake is connected with the Bojana River with a narrow channel, whose length is 640 meters, channel through which it is impossible to pass by boat . Owner of the hotel said, if the state would invest in expanding the channel, tourists could come from the sea over the Bojana River in Sasko Jezero, what would for his small hotel and business meant a lot .



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