Spearfishing in Ulcinj

spearfishing montenegroIf you are planning to spearfishing in Ulcinj you will probably rent a boat or hire a guide that will take you to the suitable terrain for Spearfishing, you should perhaps know that you need a permit to avoid incursions into unpleasant situations .

By law, anyone who wants to fish should buy a licence for sport fishing, however no one will ask you for permission if you go for beach fishing or fishing from the rocks .


Spearfishing permit Montenegro

Pursuant to the provisions of the Marine fisheries and aquaculture and the Ordinance on sports, recreational fisheries (“CG S.list” no. 34/10) Alliance for sport fishing of Montenegro through its clubs sells licenses for sport – recreational fishing at sea .

Price list for permits

The amount of compensation for the performance of sport and recreational fishing with permanent or temporary permit is:

A) A permanent permit

for persons under 18 years of age – 5.00 eur
for persons 18 years or older for all fishing gear and equipment other than spearguns – 20.00 eur
for persons older than 18 years, for spear-fishing – 40.00 eur

B) The temporary permit for tourist (issues to the foreign nationals):

up to 10 days – 15.00 eur
up to 30 days – 30.00 eur
Permits can be purchased at the premises of the Alliance clubs.

Any person engaged in sports recreational fishing from the COAST or BOATS shall possess an appropriate license .

Request more information for spearfishing in Ulcinj and get the permit online.



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