Svac Lost city with 365 churches on Sasko Lake


Svac Lost city with 365 churches


According to ancient legend , Svac had 365 churches as there are days in a year , built by the first Doclean Queen Kosara . According to historical sources, her father Samuel , the great conqueror , captured Vladimir , later Doclean King and blinded him .

While in captivity , according to the legend of the chronicles of Doclean priest , Queen Kosara fall in love with Vladimir and saved his life by marrying him. To regain his eyesight , she had to build 365 churches . On this site today are the best preserved churches of St. Mary and St. John , from which one can see the whole lake .

Svach ancient city

This impressive location in the north is enclosed by Rumija mountains , which separates it from the Skadar Lake , while the south side of the hill is Briska Gora which separate Ulcinj’s salina and the Adriatic Sea . The deepest point in the Sasko lake is a separate sleeve , named Bey’s eye , which is about nine meters deep .

At this point there is an underwater spring, which in the summer supplies lake with salt water, that is why in his system can be found , and some marine fish species .

svac , shas lake


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