Tanning with Olive Oil

ulcinj-beach.jpgNew research shows that man first tamed the olive tree between 8,000 and 6,000 years ago in the Middle East.
In ulcinj is believed that the oldest Olive Tree is planted 2.000 years ago. Ulcinj currently has about 80,000 Olive trees and a few small Olive Oil producers who sell their oil only in the domestic market .
Ulcinj’s Olive oil can be found at the greenmarket and is usually in plastic or glass bottles of one litter, although the quality of that Oil is not guaranteed .





Some valuable information most people aren’t aware of is that Olive Oil is beneficial when used as a tanning oil. Rubbed on the skin , olive oil protects skin from harmful UVA rays and sunburns. Olive oil is also effective on peptic ulcers, bone development, nervous system development, and acts as antioxidants to keep the brain alert as we mature and grow older. Some cancers have actually been reduced in number (e.g., breast & ovarian cancer), in the Mediterranean due to olive oil consumption.


ulcinj-beach.jpgIts moisturizing minerals will soak into your skin, making it smoother and softer, and the shininess of the olive oil attracts the sun’s rays better than any suntan lotion. You will be left with a deeper, browner tan, and you’ll be less likely to burn with short tanning sessions , but it is not advisable to immediately jump the gun and expose yourself to too much sun,tanning with olive oil require gradual exposure in the beginning and is the most recommended until your skin becomes slightly brown .


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