Property Management

Our main strengths lie in three key areas.

1. Knowledge

2. Discipline

3. Honest Work


And that is our philosophy in anything we do .



Your Property is an investment worth safeguarding. No one understands this better than Ulcinj Property Manager. We offer full service property management at competitive prices. Eliminate the stress of property management by entrusting your property with the experienced professionals of Ulcinj Property Management .





"property-management-ulcinj.jpg"We all year round every other day control of properties , once a month preening front and back yard of the house, open the doors and windows when it is sunny for ventilation .

After long heavy rain that can last for quite a long time and especially the properties near the sea, where the air is very moist and ventilation of the house is most important to avoid paint peeling off the walls and other damages that may occur if not ventilated after heavy rains in the winter .



On every visit we control the electrical and plumbing installation to prevent water pipes from freezing at low temperatures.

"house-cleaning-ulcinj.jpg"We clean up your house before your arrival or the arrival of guests also scrub trees and sloping lawn with our grass cutters and clean up the pools .

We’re the killers of moisture and bad odor that retracts into the furniture and bedding .

All you need to do is contact us and we guarantee you that you will overcome one big worry.





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