Ulcinj salt pans foreseen for wellness center, bird watching and salt production

Special purpose of spatial plan for the coastal area of Montenegro and the PUP Ulcinj will be foreseen to remain salt production, the development of health tourism by building a spa and wellness centers, bird watching and construction of bicycle paths, learned. This is the epilogue of workshops in which the participation of the students. As things stand now, the area of salt pans are not provided residential building.

“The end result of this workshop is that Ucinj’s salt pans area is primarily intended for the production of salt, as well as the use of natural resources of medicinal mud as a function of health tourism (spa and wellness), bird watching and cycling, as well as one of the aspects of eco-tourism, the use of renewable sources of energy, which corresponds to the concept envisages the planning documents. .

Area of Ulcinj  salt pans is already, through elaborately planned Spatial Plan of Montenegro with the primary purpose of producing salt. The Regional Plan of Montenegro, among other things, noted that for this area can anticipate a certain vision of eco-tourism, which will be based upon the evaluation of natural resources (bird watching tour of the nature reserve, etc.).

The drafting of the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for the coastal area of Montenegro and Spatial Urban Plan of the Municipality of Ulcinj, which fully support this concept is based primarily on the organization of the production of salt, and then as a potential area where it can be organized eco-tourism in terms of bird watching including medical tourism, spa, etc.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and the LAMP project, organized a workshop on “Participatory approach in spatial planning and planning regions” in the municipality of Ulcinj, which is defined by five “hot spot” locations one of which is the area of Ulcinj salt pans.

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