Bird Watching in salt pans Ulcinj



Bird Watching in salt pans Ulcinj

Ulcinj has a significant place on the European map for bird lovers and ornithologists. Because, in this area you can enjoy observing around 240 species of birds, which is half registered in Europe, including the very rare: pelicans, cormorants, long-legged Spotted redshank, flamingos …

In the region and beyond are habitats where the number of registered specious is far higher, but what
Ulcinj’s Salinas separate from all others is the quality of species and their abundance.

At 15 sqare kilometers is 3% of the total world population of pelicans Pelecanus crispus or 3% of the
world population crushers Limosa limosa or the same percentage Red-footed Spotted redshank,
Tringa erythropus!

At Ulcinj’s Salinas nests of 55 species of birds, which is almost half of the total number of nesting pairs
of waterfowl throughout the region.

At the entrance to the Salt pans you can buy authentic souvenirs in the form of natural crystal salt,
unrefined sea salt, medicinal mud, as well as of aromatic salt for food and bathing.
The entrance to the reserve costs 3 euros.

Five guides are trained with the aim of popularizing the observation of birds in the saline area, that
ranks high on the map observers of birds in this part of Europe.



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