Rheumatism Treatment in the hot sand on Ulcinj beaches

ulcinj reumatism treatment


Rheumatism treatment in hot sand on Ulcinj beaches has a long history of being a medical treatment that uses natural conditions to treat illnesses, and many tourists who visit each year Ulcinj come for health reasons and one of the known methods for treating rheumatism is hot sand on the sandy beaches of Ulcinj.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine , hot sand bathing is an energetic medical practice designed primarily to trigger intense perspiration, which helps enhance the overall functions of our organs by stimulating the circulatory system, metabolism, and growth. It has effects on skin, joints, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and body weight.


In effect, the radioactivity of the sun , the sun’s impact on the sand, the presence of hot salt from seawater, and the stimulating hot sand grains, all these attributes combined together make hot sand bathing health beneficial.

Sand bathing provides strong stimulation to the skin. In addition to the high temperature, skin is stimulated by the density and rough sand grains themselves. Moreover, because sand increases body resistance, buried in a hot sand bath to certain extent receives the benefits as much as having a massage therapy.


Since sand holds in heat and increases body temperature that helps improve blood circulation, sand bathing works wonder for bruise, eczema, arthritis, neuralgia, neuritis, convulsion, and paralysis. In fact, in a medical study about the effects of sand bathing in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, 21 of 30 rheumatoid arthritis patients’ joint pain was relieved significantly after being treated by sequential sand bathing for 15 days.


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